House of Mercy Charity Run A “Christmas Miracle”

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I’ve thought about what to say now for a few weeks following our “3rd Annual Christmas Day Walk/Run to Benefit the House of Mercy.” The feelings I need to convey and the people I need to thank. But what do you say when there simply aren’t words to describe the feelings inside you? And when thank you simply isn’t enough?

What started with 6 of us 3 years ago, turned into approximately 40 runners and walkers making their way out to the event this past Christmas morning in what has become the gift I most look forward to each year. To the local Girl Scouts who made and donated blankets, to those who fundraised at local craft shows, to Fleet Feet Sports Rochester for collecting donations for the 3rd year in a row and to the Rochester Running company who added their location as a donation drop off site this year, thank you. I am truly blessed to have your help.

Local Girl Scouts took the time to make, then donate blankets to the shelter.

To the firefighters at the Hudson Avenue station who agreed not only to join our group in a few Christmas carols; but took the time to prepare coffee and hot chocolate and greet our runners with a warm smile and warm place to gather after dropping off donations, sharing those moments with you all and having an opportunity to thank you for your service, on Christmas morning, was so very special to me.

A special thanks to the Hudson Ave station firefighters for providing refreshments and joining in with a few Christmas carols.

To the Rochester NY running community who once again loaded up the House of Mercy, your kindness and generosity can only be described as a “Christmas Miracle.” You have touched my heart in ways that I’ll never adequately be able to convey. Because of you, we were able to drop off toys for less fortunate children to open on Christmas morning, toiletries, food and money to assist with the shelter’s day to day operations, and between 50-100 bags of hats, gloves, coats and other clothing to help the shelter as they fight homelessness in the community we all call home.

Another quick group photo before heading out.

And to the 40 or so of you who joined me on Christmas morning, whether running, walking, or transporting donations and runners, there really are no words I can think of to thank you enough. It is a great honor and privilege to put this event together each year but it is only successful because of you. On a 33 degree morning, with so much going on, you chose to make this run and its cause a priority. From postponing a trip out-of-town to see family, to delaying the opening of gifts that Santa left, to bumping your holiday dinner or planning your entire day around this event, it did not go unnoticed and I can only hope that helping out an organization as wonderful as the House of Mercy brought you as much joy as you brought me in doing so.

All Smiles! Some of the nearly 40 runners and walkers snapped a quick photo on the way to the shelter.

This run truly exhibits the spirit of the holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate. We have created a holiday tradition that we can all be proud of, one that truly impacts lives here in the Rochester community, and I cannot thank you all enough for making this event more powerful each year. With the House of Mercy moving into their new location in 2017, the route will change but one thing will remain the same, my desire to make this bigger and better each year as you truly inspire me.

Approxiately 40 runners teamed up Christmas Day morning to run donations to the House of Mercy homeless shelter in Rochester NY.

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