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Denny Krahe, Lakeland Florida
Denny Krahe

About Me: For me, running has been a bit of an acquired taste. At first I didn’t like it all, but over the years I’ve gone from hating it, to tolerating it, to sort of enjoying it, to being flat out addicted. Now, I truly am a running junkie!

One of the things I love most about running is the community. I host a podcast, and the idea behind the show is that I’m out running with my guests and we are just having a casual chat over the course of a handful of miles. In my experience, those conversations while running are so enjoyable because there is no agenda. Simply talking about “running, life, and everything in between” with fellow runners is a blast, and that is my goal with every episode.

In addition to the podcast, I also coach runners (told you I’m now a running junkie!) with a focus on injury prevention. I have a degree in Athletic Training, so identifying, treating, managing, and preventing injuries is kind of my thing. So if you have any questions about any aches and pains you’re experiencing, just let me know!

Outside of running, I’m married to the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and we have three children–one human and two canine.

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