Zoe McParlin

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Zoe McParlin, Cardiff Wales, UK
Zoe McParlin

About Me: I’m Zoe and I’m an osteopath, runner and chronic pain survivor.

I wanted to start this blog as a way to share information about different conditions, injuries and running tips that I see on a regular basis and provide information and advice to people that maybe suffering from it. I am an osteopath and see a wide range of musculoskeletal problems on a regular basis as well as treat in a sports clinic in a running shop. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a relatively rare pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which turned my life upside down. I went from being our typical sporty teenager that loved running but did every sport at school to being on crutches, having 4 spinal blocks involving a drip into my spine. At my worst with CRPS I struggled to stay conscious and constantly felt like I was about to pass out. The biggest difference to overcoming it was education and the power to really understand what is going on with your body. That is what I am going to try and do with this blog.

I am now back to running the sport I always loved and now CRPS doesn’t stop me. I was given a 3 percent chance of ever having a normal life and I am convinced that education kick started me in the right direction. I hope to use my medical knowledge and experience from treating patient as well as the latest research to help other achieve what they never thought I could do too.

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